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Abandoned Bikes Recycling (108-2 semester)

Abandoned Bikes Recycling (108-2 semester)

1.    Bikes parking in and around dormitory areas without NCKU Bike ID sticker will be regarded as abandoned. Please make sure to apply for NCKU bike ID sticker for your bike with Military Training Division on Kuang-Fu campus.

2.    Abandoned bikes recycling schedule

  • (1) Between Apr.6 and Apr. 17: Identifying. A red notification sheet will be attached to bikes identified as abandoned ones.
  • (2) Between Apr. 20 and Apr.30: Removing. Abandoned bikes will be removed to the following collecting areas and the owner may still reclaim his or her bike from the dorm manager by presenting student ID card and key to the bike lock. 
    • A.    Kuang-Fung Campus: the square in back of Kuang-FU 1
    • B.    Sheng-Li Dorm 1, 4, and 6: the space in front of the west wing of Sheng-Li 1
    • C.    Sheng-Li Dorm 8 and 9: the space in back of Sheng-Li 9
    • D.    Sheng-Li Dorm 2 and 3: the space in front of Sheng-Li 3
    • E.    Ching-Yeh Campus: the space in front of Ching-Yeh Dorm 2
  • (3)Starting from May. 4: Collecting and shipping. Abandoned bikes will be collected and shipped to collecting space by Military Training Division.


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