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Check-out and room transferring for 2020 winter stay (Feb. 07, 2020 updated)



Aims: In accordance with the delay of the school reopen day of 2020 spring semester, the room changing services are unfortunately to be postponed to some other dates. Please refer to table attached for further details.


  1. These arrangements are based upon NCKU recent announcement dated on Jan 31, 2020.
  2. Residents who have canceled their stay in 2020 spring semester should complete the check-out procedures, including cleaning the room and clearing personal belongings out from the room before 12:00 noon, Feb 12, 2020. 
  3. Residents who intend to swith rooms for 2020 spring semester should also complete both check-in and check-out procedures within the designated period of dates. Please refer to the attached table for detail.
  4. Those who fail to complete check-out procedure within the designated period shall be pennalzied and given 5 to 8 violation points in accordance with NCKU Student Housing Contract (Article 8). The management personnel is accordingly authorized to enter your room to inspect and evaluate the status of the public property. Meanwhile, any personal belongings left behind shall be disposed of as waste with a cleanup charge of NT$ 1,000 in accordance with NCKU Student Dormitory Regulations (Article 10, Item 1).
  5. Please refer to the announcement in the dormitory your reside for the “Important notes for check-out procedure”. For those who have any further inquiries or any perceived difficulties in doing the above-mentioned should immendiately contact our resident counselors as soon as possible, no more than 3 to 5 working days. A processing fee of NTD 250 will be charged for late application consequently.
  6. The contact information of the staffs of each dormitory can be accessed from the website below: http://housing.osa.ncku.edu.tw/p/412-1052-9830.php?Lang=zh-tw



Dormitory (2020 Spring Semester)


Service time for residents who have to change rooms for 2020 spring semester


Kuang-Fu and Ching-Yeh Campus,

Sheng-Li 1st dormitory,

Sheng-Li 4th dormitory,

Sheng-Li 6th dormitory,

Sheng-Li 8th dormitory,

Sheng-Li 9th dormitory.

2/26  9:00-12:00;13:00-17:00

2/27  9:00-12:00(最後期限deadline)


Sheng-Li 2nd dormitory,

Sheng-Li 3rd dormitory.

3/1  9:00-12:00(最後期限deadline)


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